Shop for Glass Bongs Online and Glass Pipes Online

Smooth n Cool delivers a range of smoking accessories for all Australian smokers. We are proud to source both local and American glass products, and stock a range of items, including glass bongs, glass pipes and vaporizers.

Being an online headshop we stock a variety of pipes to meet everyone’s needs, including steamroller pipes, chillums, spoons and bubblers. We also carry a variety of glass bongs you can buy online, and have a range of scientific glass and heady glass. Brands we currently stock include Purr Glass and Grav Labs and we are always bringing in more quality brands. Our goal is to stock all styles of bongs, including percolator bongs, zong bongs, double and triple chamber bongs and a variety of small and large ones.

Smooth n Cool is the online smoke shop that also stocks a range of quality vaporizers. We currently have the magic flight launch box and Storz and Bickel’s Mighty and Crafty vaporizers available for purchase.

At Smooth n Cool, our goal is to help you find the right piece. To do this, our store has a convenient filter which can be used to find the product you want. So whether you are looking for a pink bong, purple bong or another type of product our filters make it easy for you to see what is available.