• Tornado Bongs

    Posted by Michael Lai

    Tornado Bongs

    Hi, I’m Michael. For years I have been starting my day with a nice fat bowl on almost a daily basis. It is a ritual that comforts me and keeps me functioning at a higher level.

    Some people like to smoke from bongs as it provides a quick and intense high, pain relief, improved appetite, creativity and wellbeing.

     Even though I’m not one for novelty items and trendy fads, I am definitely someone who is into purposeful, unique and functional design.

     Maybe you’ve heard of or seen Tornado Bongs in the past. Here are some of the features of a Tornado Bongs.


    Tornado Bong Features 

    • Can either be a dry pipe or a water pipe bong
    • ‘Tornado’ effect can either be of swirling water or smoke through a turbine shape
    • The swirl can either be in the main chamber or mouth piece
    • Water funnel effect lessens bong water backsplash to the mouth piece
    • Tornado motion diffuses smoke which cools down the smoke as you inhale

    Tornado Bongs came highly recommended to me by many friends but how do they work? 

    Water Pipe Tornado Bongs

    • As the user inhales to smoke, air passes through the downstem into the bong
    • Air bubbles are directed through a turbine into a spiral trajectory
    • Eventually, the air bubbles rise through the water and reach the mouth piece
    • As the air has a greater distance to travel, it will be marginally cooler

    Venturi Chamber Spoon Pipes

    • The Venturi effect is a special case of Bernoulli’s principle
    • Venturi pipes are shaped to create a vortex of smoke through a dry chamber
    • The Venturi effect occurs when a difference in pressure causes increased velocity in a constricted pipe
    • Using this principle, combined with shaped glass pieces, a beautiful vortex effect is created with smoke

    What are the benefits?

    Many users of Tornado pipes have commented that it hits much smoother than the old conventional pipe. On the other hand, some other users say that the tornado function is purely for show.

     I’m not too sure whether the smoke is, in fact, cooler, but I’m definitely sure that smoking from a Tornado pipe or bong makes you look and feel much smoother and much cooler.

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